Mount Popa, in Myanmar known as the home of the Nats (spirits), is an extinct volcano with a monastery on top, named the Popa Taung Kalatt. It is the most important site in Myanmar for Nat pilgrimage. Mount Popa, which means flower mountain rises about 1,500 metres above sea level. The mountain is located in Mount Popa National Park. Although the region is very dry, the mountain and surrounding area are green and look like an oasis in the desert.

As the volcanic soil is fertile and there are many streams in the area, the mountain and National Park contain many beautiful flowers and other vegetation. One legend tells that King Anawrahta who founded the Bagan empire in the 11th century ordered a runner named Byatta to fetch fresh flowers from Mount Popa every day. One day Byatta met an ogress named Mai Wunna who lived on the mountain and ate only flowers. Byatta fell in love with her and soon after, the ogress gave birth to two sons in a cave on Mount Popa. According to the legend Byatta was executed and Mai Wunna died of a broken heart. Both became spirits and still live on the mountain today.


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